At Yada Studies the team is formed by Hugo, Lisette and their 3 daughters.

Lotte, Hester, Hugo, Lisette and Tara.

We had been teaching for many years before we discovered that the Bible is a very complete teaching book. We were both raised with the Christian faith (Reformed). While that faith was important to us, it certainly did not yet determine all of our paths.

We enjoyed doing our work within various jobs in education, healthcare and sports. Based on views of how learning works, we started a private school in 2008. This was the year in which we experienced a significant shift in our life. We had a very busy life. Next to our managment and administrative duties, we where responsible for the total organization of the school and gave all the lessons and the coaching. The goal was to educate ski-teachers, surf-instructors, raftguides and outdoor instructors. The starting of a private school came from an enormous drive to offer education from a relational concept of thinking, that focusses on a solid personal development and a practical way of learning. Practical experiences and theory were linked to eachother to make learning powerfull.

In that same time God developed in us a huge love for His word. We couldn’t lay the bible aside anymore and we were experiencing that the biblical education was real, applicable and working. God showed us more and more the order in His Word, where everything is connected. The study in the bible became a daily activity. Psalm 1 became increasingly actual in our life. It is really a pleasure to think over Gods education, day and night. His word can lead us in everything we do. Next to more and more answers, we also got more questions. This gave us even more drive to search for the foundations of our belief. In this way we discovered that the Word of God has a very concrete influence on our way of thinking and on our way of educating and coaching.The Word of God became literary life, because we where recognizing that it was affecting all aspects of our life.

Palomera, in the Sierra the Cazorla, the location from Yada Studies in Spain

Foundation Yada Studies

God gave us always an interest in how learning works. From 2008 God used that interest to educate others in His Word, related to really practical situations. It maybe sounds weird, but we were allowed to practice this biblical education in a sportseducation. In the education of sportsinstructors, we discovered that ‘’biblical based leadership’’ gives tools for effective leadership. Before you can be really focussed on others, you first have to learn to guide yourself. Afterwards you will discover that it’s amazing to help and support others and very rewarding.

The experience in educating and coaching becoming leaders in a naturesport-setting, created the foundation for Yada Studies. A strong relation with God translates itself to relations with others. On that foundation can our lives be build. Our discovering, that Gods word is really educating us in all the facets of life, did get the base of all the learning trajects at Yada Studies. With very much love we gladly want to share the passion for the Word of God and a practical application from the biblical principles in the daily life with others.